Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baby Soren at home

     One week after he was born, I went to see sweet Soren and his parents at their apartment. His mom was recovering splendidly and his dad was as loving and helpful as could be; it was wonderful to soak up the love in the home of this new family! IMG_4912
 IMG_4912  IMG_4920
 IMG_4923  IMG_4933 IMG_4943  IMG_4947
 IMG_4957  IMG_4969  IMG_4982 IMG_4985
 IMG_5016  IMG_5038 IMG_5054  IMG_5063 IMG_5067  IMG_5070  IMG_5074  IMG_5081 IMG_5086  IMG_5102  IMG_5103-2  IMG_5113  IMG_5127  IMG_5152  IMG_5166

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